Dr. George completed his undergraduate training and PhD at the University of Bordeaux 1 and 2 in France in the laboratory of Prof. Michel Le Moal and Dr. Pier-Vincenzo Piazza. His graduate research was focused on the neurobiological mechanisms of age-related sleep and memory impairments.

His postdoctoral work in Prof. George Koob laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute was focused on the role of the stress system and the prefrontal cortex in drug addiction.
Dr. George's work at The Scripps Research Institute is focused on understanding how drugs affect your brain and how your brain controls your actions. "The brain is truly one of the last unknown territories in science, studying it is a little bit like sailing a ship to an imaginary world. Finding what you where looking for is an amazing feeling, but the best day is the one where you find something you never expected." says Dr. George.
"I would be nothing without the help of my mentors and my coworkers, working with so many brilliant persons is my biggest reward."
Olivier George, PhD
Associate Professor
CoDirector ARC | Animal Core
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