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Congratulations to George lab RSA Award Winners!

The George lab is excited to announce that two of our members have received awards to attend the Research Society on Alcoholism annual conference.

Marcella Hughes, an undergraduate researcher in the laboratory, received a Student Merit Award.

She will be presenting a poster during the Wednesday (6/26/2019) session entitled "Differential Neural Activation During Protracted Abstinence After an Anticipatory Cue for Alcohol in Dependent and Nondependent Rats."

Dr. Adam Kimbrough, a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory, received a Junior Investigator Award.

He will be chairing the symposium "Brain Wide Neural Activation in Animal Models of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence" on Tuesday (6/25/2019) and giving a talk entitled "Brain Wide Neural Networks Associated with Alcohol Abstinence in a Mouse Model of Alcohol Dependence." He will also be presenting a poster on Wednesday (6/26/2019) on the same topic.

Congratulations to both Marcella and Adam! Keep an eye out for the George lab presenters at the conference!

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