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It is time to put the patient at the center of addiction treatments.

Dr. George published a new review article in collaboration with Dr. Koob that argues that characterization of the neuropsychological mechanisms that underlie individual differences in addiction-like behaviors is the key to understanding the mechanisms of addiction and development of personalized pharmacotherapy.

This review article highlights the different stages of Addiction and provide evidence that the progression from recreational to compulsive substance use is associated with downregulation of the brain reward systems and upregulation of the brain stress systems. Drs. George and Koob further argue that individual differences in the neurobiological systems that underlie the processing of reward, incentive salience, habits, stress, pain, and executive function may explain (i) the vulnerability to substance-use disorder; (ii) the diversity of emotional, motivational, and cognitive profiles of individuals with substance-use disorders; and (iii) heterogeneous responses to cognitive and pharmacological treatments.

Individual differences in the neuropsychopathology of addiction.

George O, Koob GF

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