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Welcome aboard!











You have been through the enrollment process now what do you do? 

If you haven't read the Lab's philosophy statement or filled out the newly hired form, do that now here

If you have, you just have to follow the steps below, and you will be all set. The George Lab Portal has all the forms and links to important files you need. 

Sign up and do your Animal Classes , see also the DAR website for more info on animal use and care. Once you are done with your Animal Classes, see Molly Brennan to schedule an orientation in the vivarium.

Once you have your TSRI email address working. Sign up for the Pearson Center and the George lab mailing lists (here), and the most important one the George-lab Slack Group. Install the Slack App on your phone and computer, and check your email and Slack on a daily basis. Slack is the best way to get in touch with DrO and the rest of the lab. Use slack!


Read the papers published by the laboratory, and familiarize yourself with the protocols.

Schedule a meeting with Dr. George and your direct supervisor to go over the project by emailing Marisa Gallego.

Do Science! listen and learn from your mentor, perform the  experiments, analyze data, be reliable, on time and produce the best science you can and clean up lots of chambers in the middle ;-)

Meet with your supervisor to go over the data and the direction of the projects at least on a weekly basis but usually on a daily basis.

Meet with Dr. George and your supervisor at least on a monthly basis.



Write a Research Paper (max 3 pages) on your internship. You can pick a single project or mix several projects.  Have your direct supervisor go over your research paper to get feedback. This research paper is essential to get credits. No paper, no credit! 

A couple of weeks before the end of your internship:

  1. Send your research paper to Dr. George.

  2. Fill out the Exit form.

  3. Schedule a meeting with Dr. George and your direct supervisor to go over your internship by emailing Marisa Gallego.

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