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How rats order a Martini

This video shows how rats vocalize in anticipation of access to alcohol. They produce sounds that the human ear can't process, but if you record them and playback the file at 10% of the original speed you can hear what a rat says when he knows that he will have access to alcohol.

Cara Buck has spent several years recording rats that are dependent or not on alcohol, and just published her findings this week. The data clearly show that rats that are heavy dependent drinkers exhibit higher level of vocalization right before being given access to alcohol.

We don't know what they are saying but it is definitely related to alcohol. Now if you were faced with someone who doesn't speak your language yelling at a bartender, and had to guess what that person was saying, what would be your guess?

I bet on "a Martini please, shaken not stirred, please"

Yes our rats are fancy...

Here is the link to the paper:

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