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Lani Tieu and Jennifer Ren present their research at the UC San Diego Student Research Showcase

Senior undergraduate student interns, Lani Tieu and Jennifer Ren, presented their research at the 11th Annual UC San Diego Division of Biological Science Student Research Showcase on June 5, 2019. Lani Tieu presented her work on a pre-clinical model of nicotine vapor self-administration which shows dependence in rats. Jennifer Ren presented her work on sex-differences in cocaine-seeking behaviors using escalation, motivation, and compulsivity of intravenous cocaine self-administration. This spring, Lani received her B.S. in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience and Jennifer received her B.S. in Human Biology and Social Psychology from UCSD, Class of 2019. We congratulate Lani and Jennifer on their graduation and excellent work in the laboratory!

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